The term ‘Bhajan’ is used in India to refer to any devotional song. Bhajans are sung all across the country to praise God and express one’s deep love & devotion towards the Almighty.  Bhajans are gentle, melodious songs which provide immense peace and happiness to the person/s who sing it and those who listen to it.

K1 Live tries to reach God through their soulful Bhajans with their dedicated singers with “BHAKTI SAMARPANA”


Abhiram Khuntia
Monali Madhusmita
Jasmine Das

*and many other celebrity artists….

Debajyoti Panda at the Tabla
Rupankara Mohanty at Keyboard
Sanjaya Kumar Behera at Dholak
Ashok Kumar Behera at the Pad
Amar Jyoti Sethi at the Punjabi Dhol

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