Saroj Kumar Pradhan is a professional singer based out Sambhapur. Since his childhood memory she was music love and started learning music at a very young age and has been performing professionally. She sings genre like sufi and most lovable romantic. What a perfect combination both are bliss to hear. She was also awarded –Zee Saregamapa Sarthak – 2017.


Jessika D/O- Mr Sayed Rasid Ali was born at Cuttack , Odisha is popular for her voice in Odisha. She started training under Guru Kailash Chandra Gochayat in Hindustani Classical. She also made lots of popular albums and movie songs in Oriya Entertainment.
Since last 10 years , she sang songs for lots of albums and movies. She has done 1000 n more stage shows in different states like Delhi , Kolkata , Mumbai , Surat etc. She has worked in Melody Nights shows with Abhijit Majumdar at Tarang TV..

Amarnath Mohanty S/o- Mr Jagannath Prasad Mohanty was born at Puri, Odisha is popular for his voice in Odisha. He was awarded from various organizations for his magical voice. He also made lots of popular bhajan, albums and movies in Oriya Entertainment.
His stage shows:
Odia Women Association at Mumbai
National Youth Festival at Uttar Pradesh
Utkal Divas at Chennai
Ganesh Festival at Bangalore

His Idol:
Late Sh. Akhaya Mohanty
Late Sh. Bhikari Bal

Arya Sai Parasd is a professional singer based out Balipatna -Odhisa .He is passionate singer. Since 2000 he started his journey in this profession. He performed close to 1300 shows over in India as a Singer. Being a versatility lover he is excellent in Rock, pop, jazz music. People love his music just because his mesmerizing voice, versatility. Arya prefers singing songs from genres such as rock –pop. Most of his performances are in Hindi, English and Oriya.


Kajol Malik is a professional singer based out Kendrapara. This outstanding singer can capture the hearts of her listeners with her tuneful and melodious voice. She sings genres like classical music, light music and rock music. She is rock music lover. This young performer can woo her audience with her voice and LIVE electric performances on stage. She was also awarded –Rajiv Gandhi Forum Odisha – 2018.

Jayashree Satapathy is a professional singer based out Madhupatna. The audience appreciated her singing very much. She sings genres like western songs. Jayashree Satapathy’s high and an influential voice which makes her stand out from others and stand out the crowd too. Jayashree Satapathy is open to perform for events like campus shows, charity events, religious functions, etc

Aryans Creative was an improvisational dance group with a group of dancers who work together to perform dances as a spectacle or entertainment. They perform in the different styles of Dance; Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern, Salsa and Bollywood dancing.


Ek””Dil””Ek””Jaan & Padmavat (Ghumar)

“Sisupalagada Mahostav” at Bhubaneswar

Ganesh Puja Special Dance “Ganesh Bandana”

15 August Spacial Dance at BHubaneswar

Jay Ho Dance Performances at Radio Chocolate 104FM function, Bhubaneswar


Catch Them: