Pradip Amladi known for his exceptional ability to inspire, entertain and
mystify. Motivational Speaker, illusionist of mind, purveyor of mind games..
Pradip is all these and more.
He has extensive performing experience, domain knowledge, technical
powess plus a vibrant onstage persona. His shows are funny, engaging,
mystifying, fast paced and hugely entertaining.
Comes with a spate of conference successes in India and diverse locations
around the world including
Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Maldives, Indonesia, Japan,
Singapore, Spain, UAE, UK, US and many more.
“Mid-boggling … an act that is truly psychic in promotion…(performed) to the utter astonishment of an
unbelieving audience.”
– Times of India
“He reads mind, emotions and managed to completely confound his subjects and mesmerize the
audience…his feats were inexplicable. “
– The Hindu

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